Part of our philosophy is to listen to our patients and try to change or improve our practice to meet their needs. Time and time again our patients have stated that what they like best about our office is the friendly and competent staff, the fact that we work individually with each patient to set up a treatment plan and help guide them through each component of the plan and how easy it is to talk with our staff and doctors about their concerns.

Clinton Guthrie commented about the fantastic service our staff provides, while Don Hayden likes the full service provided by the office, from x-rays to medications, from chiropractic care to physiotherapy. He also likes that the doctors take the time to talk with patients and give them answers without looking at the clock. Sara Fleishman has been to other chiropractic offices and likes the fact that the staff and patients all know each other and are on a first name basis.

Clinton Guthrie says: "Calmwood Medical is awesome! It's a comfortable atmosphere where the staff cares about their patients. They worked with me to strengthen my back and helped work on other problems I was having. Everyone always asks, "How are you?" and they really want to know! Dr. Mendez called me the day after my first treatment to see if everything was o.k. That kind of service really sold me. I think this is the best health facility in town!"

Don Hayden says: "This practice is fantastic. Everyone is extremely kind and concerned. They always ask, "How are you?" "How is the treatment going?" It's a full service practice, from the moment you enter the door until you are ready to leave. You can ask either doctor anything and get an answer and there is never a time limit. You get the time you need."

Sara Fleishman says: "I've been to other chiropractic offices and this one is very good. Each patient is seen one at a time and worked with individually. There is no assembly line. Everyone is friendly and on a first name basis with their patients, which is very important to me."

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