The clinic has a variety of equipment to help relieve pain, increase mobility, relax spasms and strengthen muscles and ligaments. When you first come to Calmwood Medical, a complete evaluation, including history and physical exam is done. Jeri Hassman, M.D. will prescribe the therapies that will be of the most benefit, depending on your specific condition.

Many patients begin treatment at Calmwood in the acute phase with swelling, sharp/shooting pain, muscle spasms and decreased range of motion. In the First Phase of Care, the objective is to relieve your pain and reduce symptoms and reduce inflammation. This is achieved using numerous therapies including hot or cold packs, electrical stimulation, ultrasound intersegmental traction and vibratory massage.

The Second Phase of Care is corrective. During this phase we work to increase function and mobility of the injured area. Joint mobilization and mild stretching are the best way to increase range of motion. Each patient begins with a 10 minute warm-up. This increases blood flow, loosens up the muscles and joints and helps prevent strain or injury. The therapist works with each patient, instructing them through individualized stretches and other gentle exercises.

The Third Phase of Care is strengthening. We use resistance bands, balance boards, and light free weights in combination with exercises to work groups of muscles. Our MedX machines isolate and strengthen muscles by forcing them to work against resistance. The machines work on muscles that are crucial for spinal health that cannot be specifically strengthened and re-trained with general exercise. We know strengthening of the injured area will enable the patient to regain full use of the muscle and even increase its mobility. Strengthening also decreases the likelihood of re-injury. By the end of the treatment program, you will achieve optimum health and learn how your body works and how best to care for it.

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