CALMWOOD MEDICAL Calmwood is for people involved in auto accidents, work or sports injuries, people with neck or back injuries and those in chronic pain.

We accept workers' compensation and Department of Labor (OWCP).

The clinic is a full medical practice, including prescription medication and joint, muscle and tendon injections. The physiotherapy suite includes vibratory massage, many types of electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, and segmental, cervical and lumbar traction. The rehabilitation area focuses on joints, muscles and tendons in the neck, back and other areas.

We service Southern Arizona. Our office is open until 6:00 PM every weekday night except Thursday.

Calmwood Medical
250 S Craycroft Rd., Suite 400, Tucson, AZ 85711
Phone: (520) 319-1919, Fax (520) 917-2040